Barot Valley, located in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, India, is a picturesque and relatively lesser-known destination. 

Barot Valley is known for its breathtaking natural beauty. Surrounded by lush green hills, deodar forests, and the Uhl River, it offers a serene and tranquil environment for visitors.

The best time to visit Barot is during the summer months (April to June) when the weather is pleasant and visiting in the winter months (December to February) can be a magical experience.

Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary, located near Barot, is home to various species of flora and fauna. You may come across species like the Himalayan Monal, Ghoral, and Black Bear.

The inhabitants of Barot are warm and welcoming. Interacting with the locals provides insights into their culture and way of life. They are happy to share their experiences with visitors.

Bir Billing is a global destination for paragliding. Visitors can experience the thrill of flying over the beautiful Kangra Valley

Barot offers a range of accommodation options, including guesthouses, homestays, and campsites. These options cater to various budgets and preferences.