Merry  Christmas

Christmas symbolizes love, generosity, and giving. People express care through gifts, volunteering, and kindness. Celebrated with vibrancy by Christians, it's also  embraced by people of  diverse backgrounds.

In the 4th century, Christian leaders chose December 25th to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth, aligning with pagan festivals for smoother incorporation of Christian beliefs into existing traditions, despite the Bible not specifying the exact birth date.

Christmas features special church services with hymns, carols, and Nativity storytelling, while homes and markets sparkle with colorful lights, trees, and Nativity scene cribs, symbolizing joy and everlasting life.

During the festive season, schools, communities, and churches organize cultural programs with plays, skits, carol singing, and charitable acts, fostering a spirit of giving and sharing.

Exchanging gifts among family and friends is a common practice during Christmas. 

Santa Claus, aka 'Christmas Baba,' is beloved, especially by kids. He's famous for delivering gifts worldwide on Christmas Eve

Christmas often emphasizes spending time with family and friends.