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15 November 2023 5 mins read

Celebrating Bhai Dooj: Honoring the Bond of Sibling Love

15 November 2023 5 mins read
Celebrating Bhai Dooj: Honoring the Bond of Sibling Love

Bhai Dooj is a Hindu festival that celebrates the special bond between brothers and sisters. It falls on the second day after Diwali, the Festival of Lights. This festival holds immense significance in India and Nepal and is observed with various rituals and customs that highlight the strong and loving relationship between siblings.It is a day dedicated to honoring the unique and cherished bond between brothers and sisters.

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On Bhai Dooj, sisters perform aarti (a ritual involving the waving of lighted wicks) for their brothers and apply a tika (vermillion mark) on their foreheads. This act symbolizes sisters’ prayers for the well-being, prosperity, and longevity of their brothers. Brothers, in turn, offer blessings and gifts to their sisters as a token of their love and commitment to protect and support them.

Bhai Dooj is celebrated under various names across different regions of India and Nepal, reflecting the cultural diversity and linguistic variations.

  • Bhau Beej: This is a common name for Bhai Dooj in Maharashtra and parts of western India. It highlights the bond between brothers and sisters.
  • Bhai Tika: This name is commonly used in Nepal, where the festival is celebrated with similar rituals of applying tika and offering prayers.
  • Bhai Phota: This name is primarily used in Bengal and the eastern regions of India, especially in West Bengal, where the festival is observed with specific customs and rituals.
  • Yama Dwitiya: In some parts of India, especially in the southern regions, Bhai Dooj is

Significance and Rituals:

Bhai Dooj is an occasion that accentuates the strong bond of love and protection shared between siblings. The festival’s rituals involve sisters performing aarti (a religious ritual of offering prayers) for their brothers, applying tilak (a mark made with vermillion, rice, or sandalwood paste) on their foreheads, and performing a heartfelt ceremony by exchanging gifts and sweets.

The tradition symbolizes the sisters’ prayers for the well-being, prosperity, and longevity of their brothers. In return, brothers pledge to protect and support their sisters throughout their lives, ensuring their safety and happiness.

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Historical and Mythological Roots:

The history of Bhai Dooj traces back to various mythological narratives. One of the most renowned tales is that of Lord Yama, the god of death, and his sister Yamuna. According to legend, Yamuna welcomed her brother Yama with aarti and applied tilak on his forehead when he visited her after a long time. Overjoyed by her warm reception, Yama blessed her with immortality and declared that any brother who receives a tilak from his sister on this day shall never face an untimely death.

Another popular narrative is associated with Lord Krishna and his sister Subhadra. As the story goes, Subhadra warmly welcomed Krishna with sweets and prayers, marking the beginning of the tradition of sisters performing aarti and offering sweets to their brothers on Bhai Dooj.

Celebration Across India:

Bhai Dooj is celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm across India. Families gather to partake in the rituals, exchange heartfelt wishes, and indulge in delectable sweets and savories. Sisters prepare a variety of homemade delicacies and shower their brothers with love and blessings.
The festival transcends geographical boundaries and cultural diversities, uniting siblings in a bond strengthened by love, care, and mutual respect. It serves as a reminder of the enduring relationship that withstands the tests of time.

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Modern Outlook:

In today’s fast-paced world, the essence of Bhai Dooj remains intact, albeit with some modern adaptations. Despite geographical distances, siblings often connect virtually to partake in the rituals, exchanging gifts and heartfelt messages to honor their bond.


Bhai Dooj is not just a festival; it is a celebration of the unwavering bond between brothers and sisters. It encapsulates the essence of love, protection, and mutual respect that define this relationship. As siblings come together to celebrate this special day, Bhai Dooj continues to reinforce the timeless values of familial love and camaraderie.

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