PoliticsRaja Virbhadra Singh | The ‘King’ Of Himachal Pradesh’s Heart
01 November 2022 5 mins read

Raja Virbhadra Singh | The ‘King’ Of Himachal Pradesh’s Heart

01 November 2022 5 mins read

At the age of 87, Virbhadra Singh, also known as Raja Sahib, had a spirit and willpower unrivalled by any other politician his age. He is regarded as Himachal Pradesh's modern architect.

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“My strength comes from you all, my people. The warmth, support, and trust you show me and your heartfelt love for me are the only things that give me strength. I make an effort to give it back for the growth and well-being of everyone in Himachal Pradesh. We Paharis understand how to live a life of self-worth. We dislike being bullied.”

These are a few of the six-time chief minister of Himachal Pradesh’s catchphrases. Raja Virbhadra Singh’s eyes used to frequently fill with tears when he expressed his devotion to others.

All About Raja Virbhadra Singh

Virbhadra Singh, better known as “Raja Sahib in Himachal Pradesh,” was an Indian politician who was born on June 23, 1934. He served as the state’s chief minister for the longest period of time. A compassionate man who was also a very astute politician, Singh was known as the “king” of Himachal Pradesh and is remembered for his political triumphs. He was known for taking on his adversaries even when he had his back to them. Singh’s mortality signifies the end of an era for the Congress in the northern hill state of Himachal Pradesh as well as for the state itself.

Virbhadra Singh, better known as “Raja Sahib in Himachal Pradesh,” was an Indian politician who was born on June 23, 1934. He served as the state’s chief minister for the longest period of time. Virbhadra was chosen by Jawaharlal Nehru to stand for the Lok Sabha in 1962, and he afterwards served in both the Parliament and the Himachal Legislative Assembly on numerous occasions. Throughout the process, he gained a huge amount of experience and absorbed the best traits from Prime Ministers and politicians from many eras and generations.

Between 2012 until 2017, Virbhadra served as Chief Minister. In December 2017, the BJP’s Jai Ram Thakur succeeded him. He served as Himachal Pradesh’s Chief Minister from 1983-90, 1993-98, 2003-2007, and 2012-2017.

Virbhadra Singh’s birth and early years

At Sarahan in the Shimla district, Raja Virbhadra Singh was born into the royal dynasty of the Bushahr princely state. In May 1954, Ratna Kumari and Virbhadra got married. His daughter Abhilasha, a former judge, worked in Gujarat’s High Court from 2006 to 2018.

Virbhadra married Pratibha Singh as his second marriage in 1986. In 2004, his second wife campaigned for and won a seat in the Lok Sabha representing Mandi.

Virbhadra Singh Education

Following his schooling at the Bishop Cotton School Shimla VBGSSS Arhal (Rohru), St. Edward’s School Shimla, and Colonel Brown Cambridge School Dehradun, Virbhadra Singh earned a BA with honors from St. Stephen’s College Delhi.

Career in Politics of Virbhadra Singh

  • In addition to state politics, Virbhadra Singh has significantly influenced national politics. The 1962 Indian general elections resulted in Virbhadra Singh winning a seat in the Lok Sabha.
  • In 1967 and 1971, he triumphed once more. In 1983, after winning the seat in the Jubbal Kotkhai constituency, he was elected as the first Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh.
  • The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh with the longest tenure is Raja Virbhadra Singh. He was subsequently reappointed as Chief Minister in 1993 and again from 2003 -12.
  • In the elections of November 2012, Virbhadra Singh was chosen to lead the Congress party in the state. He performed admirably. From February 1992 to September 1994, he served as the Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee’s president.
  • In 1976, Virbhadra Singh was a representative of India in the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. The 2017 assembly elections were lost by his party.

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Fascinating Facts Regarding Virbhadra Singh

  • He was born into a Himachal Pradesh royal family in the town of Rampur Bushahr. It is thought that Lord Krishna’s son Pradyumna spotted the family.
  • Politics held little interest for him. He desired to work as a teacher. In 1962, he received a call from Lal Bahadur Shastri, which had a profound impact on him. He claimed that hearing this in an interview surprised him.
  • He served as the Union Cabinet’s Deputy Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation from 1976 until 1977.
  • At the time of his election to the Lok Sabha, he was 28 years old. The individual who approached him asked Jawaharlal Nehru to campaign for office.
  • Later, from May 2009 to January 2011, he served as the cabinet’s Minister of Steel.
  • From 1980 until 1983, he served as the Minister of State for Industry and Production.
  • From 19 January 2011 to 26 June 2012, he served as the nation’s Minister of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.
  • He served as the state’s chief minister six times and as a Lok Sabha member five times.
    Honorary Captain in the Indian Army: Raja Virbhadra Singh.
  • In addition to serving as Chief Minister, he was selected as Himachal Pradesh’s Minister of Education.
  • In 2015, Virbhadra Singh: Icon of the Era, a biopic, was released. A biopic was produced based on his political and personal life.
  • He belonged to a number of social and cultural groups, such as the Indo-Soviet Friendship Society and Friends of the Soviet Union.
  • The Himachal Pradesh Youth Congress was presided over by his son Vikramaditya Singh.

Raja Virbhadra Singh Accomplishments

  • National Award for Agricultural Marketing Excellence
  • Silver Elephant will assist the Movement of Scouts and Guides.
  • The London-based Institute of Directors bestows the Golden Peacock Environment
  • Leadership Award in recognition of recipients’ contributions to environmental governance, eco-tourism, and environmental protection.

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