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11 January 2023 5 mins read

Top 5 Food Points in Shimla to Enjoy Food

11 January 2023 5 mins read
Top 5 Food Points in Shimla to Enjoy Food

Shimla is much more than the state capital of Himachal Pradesh, with its picturesque views, snow-capped mountains, quiet wooded neighborhoods, bustling Mall Road, and serene churches. This picture-perfect city offers a great mix of delectable and mouth-watering foods and scenic vistas of the captivating mountain ranges. Shimla is a hidden gem for anyone looking for a unique and happy Indo-Asian - Arab fusion experience. The menu starts with Fish with Asian aromas and spices of various colors merging to make authentic and tasty Himachali cuisine.

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Shimla is no less than bursting at the seams with possibilities for the best and most amazing meals, with tourism and travelers flourishing at the center of this hill resort. This area has several good food points, including Dhabas, bakeries, local eateries, upscale restaurants, and fine food outlets. Several restaurants in Shimla offer a variety of flavors, including North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and continental food. Surprisingly, it may be difficult to locate many restaurants in Shimla that serve the regional Pahari cuisine because local cooking has changed significantly to accommodate the town’s numerous tourists.

Here are some best food points in Shimla

1. Baljee S & Fascination

It is a one-stop store that combines one of the food points, a snack bar, and a quick eats restaurant. It is one of Shimla’s oldest eateries, and it is easy to understand why locals keep coming back. Baljee S & Fascination, an Italian-Indian restaurant with a unique and varied menu inspired by its European heritage, is well-known for its steamed, rich, syrupy gulab jamuns, a Himachali morning favorite. It’s obvious to see locals love to grab a mutton cutlet or a creamy chocolate éclair from Baljee S & Fascination and take a walk along the busy strip of clothing stores, bookstores, and restaurants. It’s located along The Mall, a popular shopping area insanely famous in Shimla among all age categories.

2. Wake & Bake

Wake & Bake is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for somewhere to unwind while enjoying delicious food. Its cheery yellow windows are noticeable and are located on Mall Road adjacent to the police station. Waffles, crepes, and a variety of eggs are popular breakfast items at this food point in Shimla, which also features a lovely, serene, and lively interior design. In addition, there is a decent variety of books and board games available.

Also, make sure to try their organic house-blend coffee before you go. Despite sometimes delayed service, the meal is always worth the wait. Eight hundred rupees would be spent for two individuals to eat here. Italian, continental, and middle-eastern cuisines should all be tried. The Lemon Chicken, Hummus and Pita Platter, Hazelnut Latte, Banana and Nutella Waffles are some of the menu items that stand out. 9.30 am to 10 pm; close to the police station, Mall Road, Summer Hill, Shimla

3. Cafe Under Tree

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Only a short stroll separates one of this food points Under Tree, located close to the well-known Jakhoo Temple at an elevation of roughly 8,000 feet. This location is worth a visit for the gorgeous deep forest walk and encompassing mountain vistas. Its walls contain enormous glass windows, and you can see deodar trees all around, giving you the impression that you are eating in the middle of hills and a forest.

There is a good and respectable selection of foodstuff on the menu at this food point in Shimla, ranging from salads, pizzas, and sandwiches to traditional North and South Indian dishes. One thousand two hundred rupees will satisfy two people here. Italian, Asian, South Indian, Fusion, and North Indian cuisines are all must-try dishes. Other delicacies, including the watermelon salad, basil and thyme masala dosa, and tree mint breeze mocktail, stand out. Location and hours: Jakhu, Longwood, below Jakhoo Temple, 9 am to 7 pm. 

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4. China Town Restaurant

Without momos, what would the mountains be? A food point called Chinatown, which serves traditional Chinese foods, including momos, is tucked away in Shimla’s middle bazaar area. To add to the experience’s authenticity, they have tiger and dragon paintings. The list is endless and includes things like rice, noodles, various soups and endless flavors.

Finding a seat here can be challenging because many locals pack their food and eat elsewhere. However, as a result of the wide variety and low prices of the food, both locals and visitors find it quite appealing.

5. Ashiana and Goofa 

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Suppose you’re longing for a taste of authentic Himachali food, head straight to Ashiana & Goofa, the most popular food point in Shimla’s lower Bazar, whose menu has yet to be modified in years. The soft, steam-filled loaves of bread that go with Himachali cuisine’s rich, creamy, tomato-based sauce are customary. 

Locals and visitors everywhere enjoy Ashiana & Goofa’s wonderful delicacies, and the venue is well-known among those who enjoy late lunches. With the bonus of beautiful mountain views, the prices are reasonable. Shimla’s ethnic authenticity is best exemplified by Ashiana and Goofa.

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