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19 September 2022 7 mins read

Why Himachal Pradesh Considered as Heaven on Earth ?

19 September 2022 7 mins read
Why Himachal Pradesh Considered as Heaven on Earth ?

The unblemished terrain of Himachal has the potential to attract any traveler. Himachal would not disappoint even the most picky traveler who rates a tourism site based on its natural beauty. Holidays in Himachal Pradesh offer many opportunities to create lasting memories that are entwined with the warmth of the locals' welcome and the curls of twisting roads up foggy mountain ranges.

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Himachal – Known as Dev Bhoomi

The name Dev Bhoomi, or The Land of Gods, refers to Himachal. The strength of various local Deities is claimed to protect and safeguard this Himalayan realm. Age-old religious convictions, sociocultural customs, artistic and architectural forms and styles, and spiritual theoretical frameworks all have a long history in this Himalayan region. Hinduism offers a variety of approaches to the ultimate reality.

People in this Himalayan region have a long-standing custom of worshiping devas and goddesses. Hinduism believes in divinities, who are different manifestations of the same Supreme Being. The different gods are manifestations of the one ultimate reality, its cosmic processes, and its energies.

Every district of Himachal worships a different deity. Ishta Devata, a personal deity, is worshiped by locals as their divine figure in their own village. Puja is a typical form of worship in which a devotee, out of the deepest love and devotion, welcomes the Devi or Devata to be his or her honored guest.

The majority of individuals think they can speak to their deities in secret and directly. Gurs serve as a channel for spiritual communication. Since the dawn of civilisation, Gurs—religious individuals who serve as intermediaries between the society and the Devas—have existed. Every region has its own deities, and each deity has a Gur who enters a trance of divine possession. They do this to address a variety of issues.

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Himachal a Heavenly Paradise

Himachal Pradesh, which literally translates as “The Living space of Snow,” is a place that every Indian aspires to visit at least once in their lifetime. The following arguments will persuade you to arrange your travel to this paradise tucked away in the Himalayas if you haven’t already.


Himachal Pradesh is abounding with places and settings where you may take in breathtaking environments and views. The state offers it all, from snow-covered mountains to quiet lakes that reflect their surroundings. For those who want to discover the state’s inherent beauty, it is the ideal location. The majority of Himachal vacation packages will take you to some of the state’s most picturesque locations.


One of the least corrupt states in the country is Himachal Pradesh. They will ensure that your time in this magnificent state is wonderful by combining that with the fact that the locals are incredibly friendly.

Holy Places

No matter your inclination of religiosity, seeing the numerous temples and holy spots will be a feast for your eyes and soul. This land is the home of ancient temples, monasteries, and cathedrals. You will be amazed by the architecture itself, and entering these places will seem like heaven.


The last thing a traveler or adventurer wants is the sun to be directly overhead, depriving them of all their enthusiasm. You can get away from all that with Himachal vacations. Compared to most other states, the state’s climate is noticeably cooler. Wintertime lows are close to 0°C and even minus in few areas of the state, making it the ideal destination for travelers and adventure seekers.

Traditional Food of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal offers a delectable fusion of ethnic and traditional foods. You have another reason to love Himachal Pradesh because of its local cuisine. The Himachal Pradesh food items are highly impacted by its neighboring state of Punjab and by Tibetian cuisines.

The food consumed by Himachali people is primarily made from plants and animals. The majority of the dishes are produced with fresh vegetables and organic meat from sheep and goats. Majority of the Himachal Pradesh dishes are mouthwatering and complete with nutrition and health.
The traditional and famous food items of this state are slow-cooked with a unique aroma and flavor.

Dham is among the most well-known dishes from Himachal Pradesh and is one of the state’s wonderful traditional meals. Dham is a well-known traditional feast served during Himachal Pradesh’s festivals, weddings, special occasions, and auspicious days.

Himachali dham

Consider This

According to the season you intend to visit Himachal Pradesh, we advise you to pack the following items:

Summer attire should consist of light cotton fabrics, sunglasses, hats, and comfortable walking shoes.

Rainy season preparations include carrying a waterproof jacket, an umbrella, lightweight clothing, scarves, and extra pairs of socks.

Winter clothing should include thick woolen clothing and coats, warm woolen hats or caps, gloves, and snow boots (it gets pretty dry in the winter)


Since Himachal Pradesh is a photographer’s paradise, you should always have your camera with you.

With its stunning beauty and serene peace, Himachal Pradesh is regarded as a true slice of heaven. Plan your trip to Himachal Pradesh with confidence—it will be a vacation for the soul.

Clean Himachal

Please maintain cleanliness in mountains & keep the mountains healthy.

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