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05 January 2023 5 mins read

Jakhu Temple – The Immortal Dwelling of Lord Hanuman

05 January 2023 5 mins read
Jakhu Temple – The Immortal Dwelling of Lord Hanuman

The tallest peak in Shimla, Jakhu Hill, is one of the most picturesque hills there and is also the oldest temple dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Hanuman. It is located about 2.5 km east of the Ridge and is one of Shimla's most magnificent peaks with an incredible elevation of 8,054 ft.

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The History and Significance of Jakhu Temple

The temple dates back to the time of Shri Ram when Lord Hanuman searched for Sajivni Booti to revive Lakshmana. When Meghanad, the son of Ravana, injured himself during the Shri Ram-Ravana conflict, Yaksha Rishi, who was at Jakhu Hill in intense meditation, came down to ask for help.

Due to the intense air pressure caused by his breathtaking speed, the hill collapsed into the earth as he approached, losing half of its initial height. Lord Hanuman climbed the hill and asked the Rishi for knowledge about SnajivaniBooti. After searching, he made the Rishi promise to visit him again while traveling back to Sri Lanka with Sanjivani Booti. Then, he left for Drona Hill.

However, considering his limited time, he chose to take a different path to Sri Lanka, leaving the Rishi to wait for him. When he did not appear there, the Rishi became concerned about his presence and the outcome of the mandate he was attempting.

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He was soothed, and his fear diminished when Lord Hanuman came in front of him and explained why he had left him behind to return to Sri Lanka with Sanjivni Buti. After explaining the situation and reminding him of his fear upon leaving, a tiny idol of Lord Hanuman spontaneously emerged in front of the Yaksha Rishi. The Rishi built a temple there and placed the idol after being struck by the idol’s aura and wanting to keep it devout.

This temple has been around since those golden days, and thousands of worshippers still gather here every day in honor of Lord Hanuman. Since the temple was located on Jakhu Hill, it gained notoriety through time as Jakhu Temple, which is today one of the top tourist attractions in Shimla. Visitors and tourists frequently go there to plead for blessings and fulfill their heart’s desires. 

Additionally, when Lord Hanuman set his foot down on Drona Hill to gather the Sanjivni Buti, his footprint was so strong that it was traced and is still visible hundreds of years later.

Numerous visitors come here frequently to ask for his blessings. To keep this footprint intact for future generations so worshippers might visit and get blessings from their deity. Locals have now built a shrine around it.

Every Dussehra, the Hindu Festival, a huge festival, is celebrated here, drawing thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Back in 2010, a massive 108-foot-tall idol of Lord Hanuman that cost 1.5 crores was also revealed, enhancing the excitement and wonder of the Jakhu temple. This Statue is so enormous that it exceeds the idol of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, roughly 98 feet high. It is the highest Statue of Lord Hanuman and stands at a height that would surprise you.

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When Should you Visit?

Since it is frequently visited by tourists and other travelers throughout the year, anyone can come here at any time. One might capture the benevolent scenic beauty of the nearby Shivalik Hills after spending some time in Lord Hanuman’s enduring heavenly atmosphere.

However, summer is the finest time to visit. Since during the summer, the area is more energetic and joyous and comes to life with vigor, and excitement, leaving visitors spellbound.

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Be Prepared to Cope with the Monkeys

There are a lot of monkeys on the hill because there is always food available. Hanuman worshipers frequently feed the monkeys food offerings blessed by temples.

It is appropriate that monkeys inhabit the location because Hanuman is the Hindu monkey god.

However, only some have a favorable opinion of the monkeys. Because they are not afraid of people and frequently steal stuff from visitors like food, sunglasses, caps, dupattas, phones, and more. They are viewed as a threat by many. Additionally, they steal into visitors’ pockets. Monkeys sometimes hold out for a tasty treat before returning something, reinforcing the behavior. The item may be unfixable, broken, or damaged during the grabbing action.

What are the Other Attractions in the Vicinity?

One can travel to Jakhu Temple and seek blessings in the Lord’s majestic presence and fascinating aura. However, there are also many more exciting tourist destinations nearby.

Some of the additional tourist destinations include:

  • The Johnnie’s Wax Museum.
  • Christian Church
  • Cultural Gaiety Complex
  • Shimla Mall 
  • This Ridge
  • Scandal Point

How Can I Visit?

The temple is conveniently reachable by taxis, trains, and buses because it is only a few kilometers from Shimla’s cultural center, the Ridge.

Any adjacent location in Shimla can easily be reached by taxi or cab from the temple. Visitors can also get here on foot, horseback, or pony, which are easily accessible in the area.

As of 2017, a ropeway known as the Jakhu Ropeway is also accessible for a direct aerial lift from a major location in Shimla to the temple. This reduces the time needed to visit and return to just 30 minutes.

Since it is just 2 km away, one can descend to Kalka Railway Station and take a cab, which will only take ten to fifteen minutes to get there.


There is nothing better than gaining the heavenly blessings of Lord Hanuman. So you can visit here and enjoy the majestic aura of Jakhu Temple and the pristine pleasant weather of Shimla. 

You won’t be able to resist taking pictures of the gorgeous Shivalik range and the captivatingly colorful scenery, even for a moment. You will undoubtedly return to this location time and time again due to its reverence and solemnity.

Regardless of whether someone is a nature lover, a peace seeker, or has a pure heart, Jakhu Temple and Jakhu Hills offer extreme tranquility. The panoramic views of the majestic Lord Hanuman’s tall Statue allow them to enjoy the peaceful and pleasant environment of hill stations. 

It is preferable to visit this place with your partner, family, or friends. This is because you won’t find a more relaxing spot with such a strong sacred aura and chilly temperatures anywhere else.

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