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19 September 2022 10 mins read

Top 10 Treks in Himachal Pradesh

19 September 2022 10 mins read
Top 10 Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Even though climbing Mount Everest is frequently associated with trekking across the Himalayas, not everyone is a skilled mountaineer. In reality, when you know where the best trails are, hikers of all ages and athletic abilities may pass through this mountain range. Visit the Himachal Pradesh state in India. There are numerous treks and paths that will appeal to all types of adventurers. Discover the top 10 treks in Himachal Pradesh because one or two of them may be included in your upcoming journey.

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Prashar Lake Trek

You have two options for a hike past Prashar Lake: a simple pathway and a more challenging one. Every traveler will have a different experience on these pathways because they each pass through a different village. Because of how breathtaking the sights are, think about taking both roads separately. The lake is surrounded by mountains, and most tourists wish to view the peaks from various angles. Even in Himachal Pradesh’s warmest months, you can view the crystal lake and snow-capped hills.

Best time to visit: If you want to catch a live snowfall then you must visit here during Jan-Feb. But the ones who are in love with greenery must visit here from April, May, September.

Altitude: 2730 m

Image credit @prashar_lake

Hampta Pass Trek

Your trekking partner on the Hampta Pass Trek is the sculpted hillside. On this expedition, you’ll travel with others from the valley to the heights. In fact, a lot of shepherds travel along this road to fulfill their basic necessities. The sight of folks enjoying the paths is encouraging as the mountains watch from above. And find joy in the lofty trees. There are oak and walnut trees that reach the heavens. However, their lack of height in comparison to the nearby mountains gives you a true sense of the power of nature in this area.

Best time to visit: You must visit Hampta Pass during mid-June to mid-October.

Altitude: 4270 m

Image credit DevVrat Jadon

Triund Trek

When you choose the Triund Trek, you are greeted by green, sloping hills. One of the greatest trails to hike alone is this one. You can meet new people and get a taste of India from the perspective of a humble local because many travelers set up tents along the route. Bring your camping goods and spend the night. When you look up from the mountainside, the stars fill the entire sky. Although the mountains may appear difficult, most hikers find the Triund trek to be rather simple.

Best time to visit: You must visit here during the months of May, June, September, and October.

Altitude: 2850 m

Image credit triundtrek.in

Tosh Valley Trek

Tosh Valley is ideal for a simple hike if all you desire is a quick hike. You won’t give up any lovely views either. You travel along this trail via an incredibly breathtaking hillside. Observe the peaks and trees in front of you from a seat along the path. Start early in the day for a more personal experience as this hike is very well-liked due to its simplicity. This trip may be finished in four to five hours.

Best time to visit: You must visit here in the months of April to October.

Altitude: 2400m

Image credit himtrektosh

Bhaba Pass Trek

The Bhaba pass trek is an excellent option for hikers seeking a significant challenge. The elevation of the path increases to 16,000 feet. Observe your surroundings thoughtfully as you take your time. At some point, you’ll be so high that you can see the Pin Parvati pass. Plan your vacation adequately as this trek can last between four and five days. The challenging trek is worthwhile for the stunning sights.

Best time to visit: The ideal time to go on a hike for this trek is June to September

Altitude: 4890 m

Left Column Image

Image credit _green_valley_bhaba_

Right Column Image

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek is undoubtedly the best option for you if you are new to trekking in Himachal Pradesh. Bhrigu Trek is the only trek that can take you to the spectacular peak in just two days. You should also be aware that Bhrigu Maharishi once called this location home, and visitors consider it a blessing to arrive there. Make sure you can navigate the challenging terrain before moving and are not afraid of it.

Best time to visit: You can trek here in the months of June to September

Altitude: 4300 m

Image Credit bhrigulaketrek

Malana Village Trek

You can travel either through the twisting, narrow roads on a charming stroll that starts in Kasol and ends in Malana Village. You would need roughly 6 hours to finish the 4-km trip to Malana while cutting through the hills. You’ll adore the gloomy mornings and brisk mountain air that constantly refresh you rather than exhaust you from hiking.

Best time to visit: If you want to trek here then the best months would be May, June, and October

Altitude: 2652 m

Kareri Lake Trek

The Kareri Lake Trek is an excellent scenario if you want to get away from it all. For a hiker with some experience, it takes two to three days to complete. Find large pine trees with draping canopies throughout this trail. Binoculars should be brought so you can see the birds enjoying in the branches up close. You can view the lake’s edge and the movement of the glacial water and ice as you stroll around the pine forest. Because of this trek’s elevation of roughly 9,600 feet, it is advised to pack layers of clothing.

Best time to visit: You can visit here during May to June & September to November.

Altitude: 2934 m

Left Column Image

Image credit karerilaketrek

Right Column Image

Parvati Valley Trek

The Pin Parvati Pass Journey is the right trek for you if you’re tired of simple and moderate adventures. You spend roughly 9 days to finish this trek while traveling through icy landscapes, appealing mountain passes, and beautiful meadows. Your energy and endurance will be tested, but the enjoyable trek is worth the effort. Buddhist monasteries with the names Tabo and Ki Gompo can be found at the valley’s highest point, where the Kullu and Spiti valleys converge. Before starting the journey to the mountains, be sure your mind is in the right place.

Best time to visit: The best time for hiking here is March to June or October to February.

Altitude: 4900 m

Image credit official.himachalguide

Kheerganga Trek

You only need five to six hours to indulge in some of India’s natural beauty. The Kheerganga Trek leads you along a river’s side that, during the warmer months, is crowded with activity. The river, which flows through the hills and valleys, is created by the melting snow from the mountains above. Take a stroll down this path to experience the intensity of the water’s boom and the majesty of the mountains that surround you.

Best time to visit: You can go on hiking at this place from May and November

Altitude: 2950 m

Left Column Image

Image credit @kheergangatrek

Right Column Image

Image credit @jose_johnthayyil

In Himachal Pradesh, trekking is not for the faint hearted. Your mental and physical fortitude will be put to the test, and your perceptions of the location will be enhanced. These Himachal Pradesh hiking paths not only force you to push yourself to the maximum but also reveal the untamed, wilderness beauty of the majestic Himalayan hills. It is not difficult to fall in love with the picturesque magnificence of this place.

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