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21 September 2022 5 mins read

Why en Tour to Spiti Valley | Best Thing for Travelers

21 September 2022 5 mins read
Why en Tour to Spiti Valley | Best Thing for Travelers

One of the most stunning places I've ever gone is Spiti Valley. And anyone who has been here will accept this. Due to its central location between Tibet and India, Spiti is frequently referred to as the "Middle Land." The cold dessert is another name for it. Why? It appears to be a desert; despite being a barren area made up entirely of sand, the temperature here is quite low. Furthermore, I cannot emphasize enough that if visiting India is on your bucket list, Spiti must be included in addition to popular tourist destinations like Jaipur, Agra, and others. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a breathtaking backdrop.

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Why You Should Visit – All About Spiti Valley

One of those areas cut off from the rest of the world is Spiti. This location is remote and surrounded by the highest peaks of the Himalayas. Therefore, it could take days or longer to travel there by vehicle. In addition, Spiti valley offers different terrain, a different culture, cuisine, atmosphere, etc.

Best Things to do While Traveling to Spiti


Few places on earth allow you to lay on your back and completely take in the spectacular beauty of a starry sky. Spiti is a paradise for campers, especially because of its clean environment. Camping is advised from April to June when the snow has melted, but the weather is still cool, and the skies are clear. Dhankar Lake, Chandra-Tal, Komic Village, and the banks of the River Spiti are the greatest locations for camping overnight and observing the night sky.


The best cultural experience in Spiti Valley is visiting Nako village, which is just one of the many things to do there. It enables you to engage with the community and experience life’s little pleasures. The locals here encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle and are unconcerned with worldly goods. For instance, trash cans are everywhere, and solar energy is used to generate electricity. Unfortunately, this village is close to the Tibetan border. Therefore you need a permit to enter or be anywhere near it. However, the town’s peace and stunning vista make the cost worthwhile. In a day, you may tour Nako village on foot.


A tour of the valley would be incomplete without seeing the local monasteries. Namely, the Key monastery is set atop a tiny hill and offers stunning views of the Spiti river. The feeling of meditating in such a peaceful setting is soothing. Anyone would find it difficult to leave once they relax and give in to the vibe at such a place, especially in a basic setting like this. All visitors are welcome, and the monks always have something to serve. The Monks are selfie addicts, just like you. Any monk would rarely refuse to pose for you.


Spiti is a haven for those looking for adventure. One activity that you must attempt is water rafting. Imagine the exhilaration you would experience rafting down the Spiti and Pin rivers. You can observe beautiful panoramas of mountains, glaciers, and monasteries as you have a thrilling ride over the rapids themselves. activity
The best part concerning this activity is that beginners may participate in it too while being guided by professionals, giving them an equal experience. The variety of adventure activities available in the Spiti valley may pleasantly surprise you if you’re looking for thrilling things to do. Manali is another location in Himachal Pradesh that is well-known for its rapids.


Due to its crescent shape, the word “Chandra” in Hindi denotes the moon. It is fascinating to see how the day’s color varies due to changes in the air and weather. People frequently choose to camp here despite it being a pleasant bike or trip. Suraj Tal or Dhankar Lake would be some excellent places to go hiking. The moderate treks listed below include the Pin Bhabha, Parang La, Kanamo Peak, and Pin Parvati Pass climbs, which take five to nine days to complete.

Some glimpse of Spiti 

spiti valley

You can visit this location as much as you like, and Spiti valley will always call you back. You will always miss it and want to return time and time to see this stunning location in all four seasons.

In actuality, there is never a bad time to visit Spiti. Naturally, it depends on you and the time of year you’d like to visit this lovely valley. The area is covered in white snow and is quite cold in the winter, but in the summer, you can also glimpse some greenery despite being a former area. Whatever the time of year or the weather in the Spiti Valley, you can expect to find breathtaking views and a beautiful landscape there.

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