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10 January 2023 5 mins read

A Mini Vacation to Hatu Peak is Perfect Joy for the Soul

10 January 2023 5 mins read
A Mini Vacation to Hatu Peak is Perfect Joy for the Soul

The Hatu Peak is a less well-known, more tranquil location about 70 km from Shimla that is virtually heaven. It amazes nature enthusiasts with spectacular natural vistas. It is encircled by high mountains, sprinkled with expansive landscapes, and embellished with fir, maple, and cedar. It is the tallest peak in the Shimla/Narkanda region, rising to a height of 12000 feet above sea level, and enjoys excellent weather all year.  Stroll across the lush, green alpine landscape to be mesmerized by the scenic beauty all around.

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Himachal news

All About Hatu Peak 

Hatu Peak, a day-long hike in the tranquil village of Narkanda, has all the elements of an authentic Himalayan trip. The best thing about it is that it’s one of the hikes that only a few hikers are aware of. If you go in the first few weeks of March, you’ll enjoy pure white snow. This unusual hike offers snow walking through deep pine forests, breathtaking mountain views, and charming meadows.

The holy Hatu Mata temple perfectly caps off the ascent. Providing its visitors with mesmerizing views of the lush green, snow-capped mountains. Hatu Peak Narkanda stands tall and sturdy. It is also Shimla’s tallest peak, covered with soaring mountains, dotted with clearing vistas, and built with fir, maple, and cedar. Its magnificent views amaze lovers of the outdoors. This trek is a short distance from Delhi for those who live in cities. A lot of pilgrims go to Hatu Peak Mandir to ask for blessings.

Details about Hatu Peak

  • Narkanda in Shimla is where the Hatu Peak Trek begins.
  • The year-round temperature in Narkanda fluctuates from -5 degrees in the winter to 25 degrees in the summer.
  • Summertime trekking conditions in Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh, are ideal.
  • Trek incline Simple to Moderate It is a path that winds through lush meadows completely covered in fresh snow.
  • Timescale: 7-8 hours (to and fro)
  • Distance from Narkanda to Hatu Peak: 14 km
  • Hatu peak is 3405 meters above sea level.

Ideal Season to Visit Hatu Peak

Most of the year, the weather at Hatu Peak is pleasant and cool. However, winter has arrived, and the weather has become frigid. As a result, you should pack enough winter clothing for your trip there. The ideal months to visit Hatu are generally thought to be April through October. This is because the temperature at Hatu Peak ranges from 8 to 20 degrees in the summer to -10 degrees in the winter.

Ways to go to Hatu Peak

By Rail: The closest railhead is in Shimla, which is well connected to other significant cities throughout the nation. The renowned Shimla-Kalka toy train departs from Shimla and is also accessible there.

By Air: The closest airport to the city is Jubbarhatti Airport, located 23 km from Shimla. The remaining distance is amenable to road travel.

By Road: On the way from Shimla to Rampur are the Narkanda Falls. Nearly 2.5 hours are needed to travel 62 km. From Shimla to Rampur, there are government buses that often run and cost about 70 bucks. Other transportation options include private cabs, which are about INR 1,500.

Trekking Itinerary for Hatu Peak

Follow the trail that leads to Thanedar as you leave Narkanda. You can walk for approximately a km until you reach a junction where three roads converge. This crossroads is nestled in a large clearing encircled by dense pine trees. Take the center-bound, winding street up into the pine forest. You can find a billboard that will direct you further. The road curves to the east before continuing on its gradual incline past trees that face the sun. 

This practically deserted avenue snakes its way around the mountainside, and you will be strolling on it for another hour. Then, three kilometers into the trip, the road abruptly diverges to the left, leading to a small clearing where you may get your first glimpse of the Himalayas, among the world’s most stunning mountain ranges.

A few level-roofed shepherd houses are a defining feature of a larger clearing into which the path quickly reverts. The Gujjar Kotha is what people call this place. It’s the ideal place to halt and think, with a tiny dew pond looking out over the spectacular scenery of the mountain ranges. Continue along this road for another km until it suddenly turns wide to the south and abandons the edge that runs parallel to the street on the left. You emerge into a true hiker at this point, leaving the comfort of the easygoing road. Finding the trail that will take you to the Hatu crest would be best.

 Himalayan Range Panorama

Jump down the ledge and follow the heavily-trafficked trail leading into the woods. Step over the line and continue. The road climbs over the edge, so turn left or right when you see it again. Cross the street, then continue ascending along the edge of the oak and pine trees grove. The trail quickly gains altitude beyond this point and rises impressively. It maintains a steady straight line in the direction of Hatu Top throughout this stretch.

Although the path rarely straightens out to follow the mountain’s curvature, it generally maintains an easterly direction. The path widens to the head of the Hatu peak as soon as you reach 11,000 feet and start to feel dizzy.

The hill’s crest reveals a panoramic view of the greater Himalayan range. Walk back to the path you originally took. People can use the highway to return to Narkanda if they are worn out and want to avoid the challenging trek.

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Outlines of the Hatu Peak Trek

Hatu Peak may be a small piece of heaven on earth, encircled by gorgeous mountains and draped in a lush green canopy of tall cedar and fir trees. Deodar, fir, tidy, cedar, and blue pine are all present in the forest, which is notable for its vibrant apple plantations.

The Hatu Mata Temple, situated on an incline along Hatu Peak Road, is of exceptional religious significance to the locals. Mandodari, Ravana’s wife, is the subject of the sanctuary. The hikers see the vividly green snow-capped mountain that rises above the landscape. Hatu Peak accentuates every square inch of the pinnacle while standing tall and solidly.

A tiny oven-like structure is located right next to the sanctuary. It is stated to have been used by the Pandava siblings to prepare their food. This was during the Agyaat Vaas, which adds to the peak’s historical and cultural importance! Nature lovers and adventure seekers will certainly appreciate the rich scene and surprising viewpoint.

Camping at Hatu Peak

Hatu Peak is a single-direction 7 km trek that is not hard and can be completed by novice hikers. Additionally, one can go camping at Hatu Peak and enjoy the starry night while relaxing in their tent.

The Hatu Peak is an all-inclusive site for everyone looking for a profound encounter with adventure. It is a calm opportunity to go through with loved ones since it offers a stunning perspective on nature’s wondrous manifestations. It also provides a historical and authentic experience.

The beauty of the pine forest will astound you when you begin the trail. The pines are magnificent and quite tall. The sheer size of the backwoods makes you think they must be several hundred years old.

Take a stroll through the lush, high greenery and let the amazing views of nature captivate you! Your list of must-see attractions in Himachal Pradesh must include Narkanda.

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