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06 January 2023 5 mins read

Churdhar Trek: A Stunning and Remarkable Himalayan Trek

06 January 2023 5 mins read
Churdhar Trek: A Stunning and Remarkable Himalayan Trek

The Churdhar Trek is located in Himachal Pradesh, not far from Chandigarh and Churdhar Mountain. It is at 3655 meters and is the highest peak within the Himalayan range.  Another name for this range is Churi-Chandni-Dhar. The area is named for Shri Chureshwar or Shirgul Maharaj because residents think that they formerly resided there.

Himachal news
Himachal news

The Churdhar Trek in Himachal Pradesh brings you to the Churdhar Top, named after ShriChureshwar or ShirgulMaharaj. He was thought to have lived here in ancient times. The peak is also known as Churi-Chandni-Dhar. Due to its connection to “ShriChureshwarMaharaj,” Churdhar is revered as holy and home to many temples.

The iconic Himalayan peaks, including Kinner Kailash, Shrikhand Mahadev, Kedarnath, and Badrinath, are visible from the top. This journey, snaking through numerous landscapes, is a treat for its travelers. The initial half of the trip is up a steep slope, and the last four hours are through rainy weather. However, the most impressive part of this trek is, without a doubt, the Churdhaar nature refuge. Beautiful wildlife like the Himalayan Black Bear, Musk deer Lanhur, and other species pose a threat to this refuge.

  • Discover Churdhar peak’s greatest attributes.
  • Discover Churdhar Wildlife Sanctuary’s magnificence.
  • First, learn about the significance of the local mythology surrounding this destination.
  • Then, see the far-off peaks visible from the top in a panoramic picture.

The Scheduling

In essence, you will reach three peaks:

  • 2,175 m Nauradhar
  • 2,855m Jam Nallah
  • 3,655 m Churdhar

One of the following routes will bring you to Nauradhar, where you will spend the night at the base camp before beginning the hike.

Day 1: Your trip from Nauradhar to Jam Nallah will begin at 6 am. You should wear appropriate trekking shoes because the trail is rocky and hilly. Reaching the peak will take you three to four hours. There, you can find a few dhabas and shops where you can buy food and other necessities.

Then, you will walk from Jam Nallah to Teesri, which is very simple with a well-defined track and takes you about 2 hours to finish. Along the way, you will see various lovely water streams.

Day 2: Day 2 of the walk will take you from Teesri to Churdhar, which is the hardest part of the whole journey. You should finish it in four hours or so.

Two paths lead to the Churdhar peak; one is a 4 km trail that gets you to the peak directly where the Lord Shiva temple resides. And the other is a 7 km trail that takes you via the temple and is less steep.

Day 3: The following morning, at around 8 am, you begin your descent toward Nauradhar. The journey back to the base will take about 5 to 6 hours. Then, you can board the 5:00 pm bus to Solan or another neighboring city where you want to return.

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The Ideal Time to Visit

Although there is a different season to visit Churdhar, it is recommended to go on the journey between May and November, when the peaks are stunningly covered with snow. Temperatures in June and July range from 20°C to 28°C, with an average of 55mm of precipitation. Most tourists are present during this time of year. Your decision will rely on the experiences you want to have.

Roads are covered in snow from the end of December to the beginning of March, making it unsafe to attempt the Churdhar trek during these times of low visibility.

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How to Reach Churdhar Trek

Nauradhar, a village in Himachal Pradesh, serves as the base camp for the Churdhar trek. From Shimla, Solan, Chandigarh, and Rajgarh, there are numerous ways to get to this starting point.

  • By Bus – You can travel to Nauradhar Base Point from Solan or Shimla.
  • By Cab – To go to Nauradhar, book a private cab from nearby cities.
  • By Train – Chandigarh Railway Station and Kalka Railway Station are the closest stations.
  • By Air – If you’re traveling by air, the three airports closest to Nauradhar are reachable by cab or bus.

Essentials you Should Carry

  • Photocopy of an ID card
  • A knapsack with a lot of space and a spare backpack 
  • Tent and sleeping bag
  • A thermos and a bottle of water
  • Snacks, ideally energy bars and sugar.
  • A LED headlight
  • Rain cover
  • Protective eyewear and sunscreen
  • A waterproof phone case

Clothing and Shoes

Regardless of the season, it is advised that you carry woolens because evenings and nights typically experience lower temperatures.

  • Mountain/technical jacket
  • A sweater and a full-sleeved T-shirt
  • A windcheater or a water-resistant fleece jacket
  • A thermal outfit
  • Muffler, cap, and gloves
  • Waterproof hiking boots with excellent durability
  • An extra pair of sandals or shoes
  • Three to four pairs of socks

It is advised you bring your camera and additional batteries so you can record the magnificent scenery. It is so because the view from up there and the path you follow are captivating.

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