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08 December 2022 5 mins read

5 Incredible Places for Christmas Celebration In Himachal Pradesh

08 December 2022 5 mins read
5 Incredible Places for Christmas Celebration In Himachal Pradesh

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Christmas is a joyful season marked by celebrations honoring the birth of Jesus Christ. It has a religious significance and is marked on December 25 worldwide. Christians observe Christmas according to religious customs and rituals.

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Himachal news
Christmas tree with sow on it on Christmas Celebration

Reading the Bible, decorating the halls, putting up Christmas trees, gathering with friends and family, giving gifts, and waiting for Santa Claus are all common Christmas celebrations in India and worldwide. Many begin creating Christmas decorations well in advance by adorning their homes with lights and Christmas symbols like bells, wreaths, stars, candy canes, and candles.

Continue reading to learn about the origins of Christmas and amazing places for Christmas celebrations in Himachal Pradesh.

Christmas, observed on December 25 to honor the birth of Jesus Christ, whom many people believe to be the Son of God, is well known. The Christ Mass is where the word “Christmas” originated. But no one is aware of Jesus Christ’s actual birth date. This is because Christ’s birth wasn’t commemorated in any way during the first three centuries of Christianity.

Christmas was originally observed on December 25, 336 AD, under the rule of Roman Emperor Constantine. However, the day of Jesus’ birth is not specified anywhere in the Bible. So you may wonder why we commemorate it on December 25.

There are several reasons why the Christmas celebration is done on December 25. According to a well-known Christian myth, Mary was informed that she would give birth to a special child on March 25. December 25 comes nine months after March 25. Thus, December 25 was the day to honor the Christmas feast. However, church officials chose December 25 to celebrate Christmas to align it with already-existing paganism celebrations honoring Satan and Mithra.

Mithra was the Persian God of light, and Satan was the Roman God of Agriculture. As a result, it became simpler to persuade the Romans to recognize Christianity as the imperial religion. The joy and enthusiasm with which Christmas is celebrated in India and worldwide encourages individuals to spend time with their loved ones and make enduring memories.

Christmas Celebration Destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

People roaming on manali road Christmas Celebration

1. Manali

While there are numerous downfalls to this popular winter vacation spot for honeymooners and travellers, there are also benefits. Manali’s foothills are blanketed in 14 inches of snow by December. Thousands of visitors from nearby states travel there for weekends every year because it is so approachable. Hotels decorate their gardens with beautiful Christmas trees and snowmen since the atmosphere at receptions and restaurants is joyful for Christmas celebrations.

Christmas carols and traditional Himachal and Kullu folk music are played up to the night before Christmas when lavish celebrations are held with wine, bonfires, and dance. The celebrations often last until New Year’s Eve, after which tourists depart for picturesque locations like Shimla, Solang Valley, Parvati Valley, and others nearby for more snow.

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People roaming infront of church in Shimla Christmas Celebration

2. Shimla

Shimla is the city that celebrates the holiday spirit with the most enthusiasm each year. Another well-known destination for quick winter getaways (only a short drive from Chandigarh and Delhi), Shimla is famous for Christ Church, the second-oldest church in North India.

A lovely Christmas celebration filled with carolers, songs, and a Christmas feast is held every year, lighting the world in a bar of bright gold. In addition, this church, situated on Shimla’s famed Ridge Road and offers beautiful views of the Himalayan Himalayas, has had a custom of ringing in the new year with a pipe organ for the past 116 years.

There are numerous independent churches in this ice-covered town and five other well-known churches, all of which do a great job of capturing the joyful spirit of Jesus Christ’s birth. Don’t forget to stroll down Mall Road to find presents and unusual Christmas gifts; if the aroma of cakes, pastries, or sweet buns tempts you, follow your nose to one of the many bakeries in the neighborhood.

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Snowfall on Thanedar highway Christmas Celebration

3. Thanadar

Compared to places like Manali and Shimla, this hillside town only gets mentioned a few times a week, which is advantageous. India’s apple, apricot, and plum orchards are concentrated at Thanadar, 17 km from Narkanda and off NH 22 from Shimla. It’s chilly, peaceful, and a fantastic destination for relaxing adventures and getaways in the great outdoors.

A wonderful way to experience a white Christmas in Himachal is through hikes to frozen lakes and beautiful locations for breathtaking views. One of the oldest churches in India, St. Mary’s church is situated in Thanadar and was constructed in 1843. A church devoted to St. Mary, white apple orchards, apple and plum wine, and peace are all represented.

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Snowfall on Shimla highway with

4. Kufri

Another well-known destination for Christmas celebration and seeing Christmas snow is Kufri in Himachal. The area is incredibly popular for skiing and offers beginner-friendly slopes as well. The ideal area to enjoy winter activities is here, but you should expect crowds because there is little quiet and tranquility. In the winter, it is constantly crowded with tourists.

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House covered with snow in Thanedar

5. Khajjiar

India’s very own Switzerland is Khajjiar, situated in Himachal Pradesh. Nothing will if that doesn’t tell you how beautiful and magical your Christmas can be. When you arrive at the small hamlet of Khajjiar, you will see a massive empty meadow covered with lush grass or snow, depending on the season. Mountains draped with pine trees and blanketed in snow encircle this meadow on all sides.

You can see the snow-covered, arid heights of the fascinating Himalayas behind these mountains. Treehouses and little resorts with bonfires enhance the attractiveness of a coastal Christmas. Come here for a peaceful snowy Christmas celebration. To add a dash of adventure, try paragliding to see the valley.

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