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16 January 2023 5 mins read

Discover the Majestic Allure of Prashar Lake & Spectacular Views

16 January 2023 5 mins read
Discover the Majestic Allure of Prashar Lake & Spectacular Views

Prashar Lake is a secret jewel of Himachal Pradesh because it combines mystery, folklore, and adventure. Every heart requires the peaceful sight of the Lake to release the tensions and cares of daily life, with the Dhauladhar Ranges serving as its backdrop.

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In Himachal Pradesh, 49 km north of Mandi, you’ll find Prashar Lake, which is 2,730 meters above sea level. The Lake’s 93% water content is provided primarily by rainwater or glacier runoffs. The enigmatic floating island makes up the remaining 7%. The Lake’s 1.5 km L circumference translates to a surface area of about 2.5 acres. The Lake, which overlooks River Beas and is surrounded by stunning snow-capped mountains, is regarded as a representation of the beauty of nature. The Lake is situated in the district of Mandi’s highest point, providing views of the Sutlej River flowing in a southerly direction. 

A Brief Glimpse

  • Highest Altitude: 8600 ft
  • Duration of the trail: 2 Days
  • Ideal Months: January and February
  • Level of Complexity: Easy, Beginner
  • Covered Distance: 16 Km
  • State: Himachal Pradesh
  • Beginning Point: Panarsa
  • Finish Point: Panarsa
  • Closest Airport: Bhunter

Prashar Lake’s Mystifying Secrets

One incredibly intriguing aspect of the Lake is the floating island. The Lake’s area comprises 79% water and 21% island. This is the same ratio that the earth shares between land and water. The floating island in the Lake is considered the planet’s axis of revolution, and this belief has kept the tourists on edge. In the morning, the island drifts eastward; by dusk, it has reached the west. The inhabitants predict disaster will strike when the island stops floating.

The location has some mystical and enigmatic characteristics according to its folklore. According to one of these local legends, Sage Prashar prayed to Lord Ganesha when it was dry there, and he brought rain by himself. Since then, the locals have prayed to Lord Ganesha whenever the area has a drought, and he comes to bring rain. In addition, it is thought that numerous deities visit the Lake to take showers.

This island is mysterious and a wonder of nature because no one has solved the question of why it is floating.

Even after numerous attempts by numerous experts worldwide, the Lake’s depth is still unknown, which magnifies the mystery surrounding it. Individuals have even gone so far as to refer to the Lake as a “bottomless lake” because of the repeated failures to discover its depth.

Prashar Lake Trekking Trail

Two trek routes can be taken to go to Prashar Lake: Panarsa and Baggi Village. The one from Panarsa is more favored because of the breathtaking scenery it provides. However, it is even more appealing due to the superb year-round road conditions.

Panarsa is conveniently reachable by road from Mandi, 60 kilometers away. Take a taxi or cab another 25 kilometers to reach Jwalapur hamlet, which serves as the trek’s base camp. You’ll pass by many apple orchards and free-flowing streams on the approach to the village, which is heartwarming. An 8-kilometer hike through alpine forests leads to the magnificent Prashar lake from Jwalapur Village. 

The route to Prashar Lake is tranquil while still challenging. Although its somewhat steep and slippery ascent makes it adventurous, it is nevertheless worthwhile despite the tranquility that the lush Himalayan forest gives. The rise is easy at first, but after 15 minutes of hiking, the terrain gets steeper. The trek is made much more worthwhile by the verdant green fields and breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains along the route. Finally, you reach the magnificent Lake Parashar, which resembles heaven, after another 3–4 hours of hiking.

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The Prashar Lake Mythology

Another thing that draws crowds of believers from all over the country to the location is the tale connected to it. According to mythology, Lord Kamrunag considered the area quiet and serene. Due to this, he wished to stay there permanently when the Pandavas and divinity Kamrunag were returning following the Kurukshetra conflict. Consequently, Bhima, the sturdiest of the Pandava brothers, smashed his elbow into a mountain, causing a hollow now known as Lake Prashar. The Lake was given the name Kamrunag Lake in honor of the deity Kamrunag, and the area after that became known as Kamru Valley.

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Sage Prashar, thought to have spent a significant amount of time meditating on the river’s banks, is remembered by the name of the Lake. At the location of his meditation, Sage Prashar was honored by Raja Ban Sen, the king of Mandi, who also erected a pagoda-style temple with three stories. Another popular destination for tourists is the temple that is located beside the river.

Ways to Reach Prashar Lake

The closest airport to Panarsa is Bhuntar Airport, from which Panarsa may be reached via taxi. Although there are no direct trains from Delhi (making it a general starting point). The three stations with the best connectivity are Kalka (223 km), Ropar (253 km), and Pathankot ( 204 km ). The roads are well-built, and Prashar Lake connectivity is well-maintained.

Bus service is readily available, which greatly facilitates commuting. It’s simple to find direct buses to Bhuntar. You can reach Panarsa, where your magnificent journey starts, on any bus headed toward Bhuntar.

When to Explore Prashar Lake

The serenity of  Prashar Lake compels you to leave your concerns behind and completely unwind while strolling for its purpose.

Depending on their preferences, different individuals visit the Lake in various seasons. At the same time, some like to travel in the summer, from March to May, when they can see lush green meadows. Others prefer to embark on an adventure excursion in the winter, from December to February, when the Lake is nearly frozen and the entire area is blanketed in snow. Because of the breathtaking appearance of the covering of snow that covers the entire area, winter months are generally favored.

Due to the monsoon season’s risks, June to August is not particularly advised.

Everybody’s heart can certainly come alive when they see the pristine and natural beauty of Prashar Lake. The Lake is nestled in mystifying and captivating Himachal Pradesh.

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